Music workout is a fantastic complement to the learning of musical elements and terms. It is entertaining, motivational, beautiful and professionally done.

– Inge Marstal,
Professor at The Royal Danish Academy 

Your music work out games are a work of a genius. Teaching my students music theory has become a blast.

Susanne Lund,
Guitar teacher, Denmark.

When I past by Music Work Out’s booth at the fair in Frankfurt, it immediately caught my eye. After being explained how it works, I had no doubt, I had to have it! It is truly amazing!! Teaching my beginner students how to read has never been easier and more fun. For my more advanced ones I use it not only to keep their reading skills sharp, but I can also create on the spot coordination/independence exercises. I couldn’t be happier with this product.

Felipe Drago,
Drum teacher, London, United Kingdom

Music Work Out provides me with new ways to teach music theory and aural training, making it so much fun and easy to understand for the students.

Charlotte Mejlbjerg,
Flute teacher, Denmark

The Music Work Out materials are really useful. They enable efficient and fun teaching through various games and activities. The materials are very versatile, offering the teacher many creative possibilities. Also included Games, Bingo e.g. can be occasionally used at classes.

– Patricja Pecar,
Music teacher, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Music Work Out materials have become an absolute necessity for me in my daily lessons teaching piano students.

– Thomas Buur,
Pianist & Piano teacher, Denmark

The fun thing about Music Work Out is, that you can combine the materials in so many ways.

– Lotte Auster,
Music teacher, Denmark

​The Music Work Out boxes are of great quality. You can tell, that they were concieved by a professional who knows both music and children. The teachers at my school are very happy and use the materials often Also included Games, Bingo e.g.

– Philippe Lecointre,
Director of Maki Musicque, Paris, France

MWO is an extremely well thought out teaching method for improving children’s theory and aural skills at all ages.
The teaching materials consist of many different music cards, which can be combined in lots of ways, making it real fun for children to learn.
On a course, Anette’s own students demonstrated the cards, and were obviously having a great time, as well as impressing us all with their skills!
Highly recommendable to all music teachers out there!!

Linda Jane Christiansen, pianist, oboist and piano teacher.

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