My name is Anette Præst Nielsen.
I graduated as a pianist and music teacher from the music conservatory in 1985. After studying at the music conservatory I have been teaching in piano lessons for children aged 6-18 years for more than 25 years. Apart from this I have also been teaching music theory for beginner students since 2000 at Rudersdal Music School in Denmark.

I just love my daily music teaching with children all ages, it is here, I got all ideas for creating and producing my Music Work Out materials. And I still get new ideas. 🙂

The material for Music Work Out has been developed since 2006, when I experienced that physical materials gives a completely different commitment and increased concentration in the classroom. Students think it’s fun and exciting playing with the cards.

The Music Work Out Games box can also be used as family game, where there is a bit of knowledge to music from parents etc.

Music Work Out is translated into 10 languages and during the those last 5 years on the market, it is now used in more than half of all music schools in Denmark. In Sweden, Finland and Norway it has also found its way, as well as in a lot of the European countries. Even from China, Brazil, Senegal and Singapore, we had customers from 🙂

The latest shot here in my Music Work Out shop was My MusicLesson book, 1 and 2, but those are (sorry to say) only in Danish – for the time being.

I also make seminars in Music Work Out for music teachers.
A normal seminar lasts 3 -4 hours.
Alle participants here will have hands on the materials and
I guarantee you a lot of fun and engagement for everyone joining here.
Read more about seminars under “courses” on the menu.


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