Music Work Out is a completely new way to learn music theory for both children and adults.

The physical aspect of using the cards gives an entirely different quick understanding of music theory. It’s fun, exciting and challenging for both teachers and students.
Music Work Out consists of two boxes that can be used for groups or solo student teaching as well as home entertainment.



Music Workout – Teacher’s Edition

Music Work Out, Teacher’s Edition, consists of more than 800 cards in 12 categories such as:

  • Rhythm cards
  • Interval cards
  • Rest cards
  • Subdivision cards
  • Solmization boards
  • Barlines, nodebuttons and ledgerlines
  • Note training cards
  • Manual in 9 languages: (DK, SE, NO, FI, DE, ENG, F, ES, NL)
  • and much more….

The cards can be used for theory, aural training and note learning practice in a different and fun way.
Cards with notenames are available with both H, B or Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si.
The material is suitable for both solo and group lessons for beginners and more advanced students. It is an ideal way to make the theory lessons entertaining and more educational.


Music Work Out – Games Edition

The Music Work Out Games box consists of three classical games with music symbols for fun and play. The three games are:

– Bingo 
  12 plates with callsheets and chips.

– Memory
   40×2 cards with notevalues, rests and musicsymbols.

– Domino 
  3 levels of difficulty.

– Manual

The material is suitable for both teams or solo student teaching as well as home entertainment.




Get the App

Music Work Out – Memory APP

Try our funny and unique music memory app.3 different games – 3 different ways of playing. Play, listen and learn:

  •  Visual (switch off the sound)
  •  Visual & audio
  •  Audio
  •  Classical instruments
  •  Contemporary instruments 
  •  Note values, rests and music symbols

Available for Android and iOS


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