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Having recently relocated from Copenhagen, Denmark to the Atlanta, Georgia, Kati Arikoski-Johnson is looking forward to introduce Music Work Out cards at different institutions and music schools in United States.

Kati is a trained classical pianist who earned degrees from Turku Arts Academy in Finland and the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Denmark.  She also studied in University of Music and Arts in Austria.

Kati has over 20 years teaching experience and her teaching style is student centric with an approach to inspire and encourage. She has used Music work out cards many years and thinks that they are offering a good opportunity for a teacher to motivate students to learn music theory, to improve aural abilities and help to read and write music on top of playing. They can be used for new and advanced students alike.

You can find more info about Kati from her home page: www.arikoski.com. Or feel free to call at: 404-502-2309.

​For international courses in other countries: Contact us here

Previously held courses: 

Rudersdal Music school course 2 timesi 2014. 
Thorshavn Music school, Faroe Islands – August 2014 
Rintln, Germany- July 2015.  
Århus Music school – May 2016
Copenhagen – Juhl Sørensen, Brofogedvej – May 2016
Baoding University, China – September 2016
Rudersdal Music school – Dec. 2016. 
Herning Music school – Jan. 2017. 
Rudersdal Music school Jan. 2017
Bergshamra School, Stockholm, Sweden Nov. 2017
Rudersdal Music school 20 Jan. 2018. 
Fredensborg Music school  30 Jan. 2018
Furesø Music school 1.st maj 2018
Gymnasie musiklærerforeningen, Gymmus, Århus d. 8 October, 2018 
 Rudersdal Music school, – October d. 27.10. 2018 


China, Beijing and Baoding – February (days not available yet) 

Slovenia – Ljublijana : From 17-20 of May. 

Seminars and courses in Europe, Asia and Canada  held by  Anette 

Testimonials from participants:

I recently attended a Music Work Out course held by Anette Præst Nielsen and was very impressed. The materials are very well-designed and professional, and the teaching-concepts were well thought-out, and the result of many years of teaching experience. We also watched her students in action, and it was obvious to all that despite them being young beginners, these children already had an impressive knowledge of music theory thanks to working with the Music Work Out concept. Best of all, they were having fun as well. Thank you for an inspiring day, Anette. 

Adam McKenzie, Cellist and cello teacher. ​

I recently attended an excellent course in ” Music Work Out” , given by the concept’s creater Anette Præst Nielsen, at Rudersdal Music School
MWO is an extremely well thought out teaching method for improving children’s theory and aural skills at all ages.
The teaching materials consist of many different music cards, which can be combined in lots of ways, making it real fun for children to learn.
Anette’s own students demonstrated the cards, and were obviously having a great time, as well as impressing us all with their skills!
Highly recommendable to all music teachers out there!!

Linda Jane Christiansen, pianist, oboist and teacher at music school.

Music Work Out is really genius thinking. In so many ways quite simple and then at the same time opening up to a lot of possibilities. An example: Some students I teach are not suited for general instrumental music teaching. This can be because of different difficulties or just because they need another approach to music teaching. By working with Music Work Out it has now become possible for me to reach this kind of students too. Thank you for this! 

Christian Uhrskov, guitarist and teacher. 

I was among the participants when Anette was giving a course in Music Work Out on the 10th of December 2016.
I can highly recommend joining her course next time it is here.  The combination of professionalism, method, play and togetherness which characterize music teaching for children all ages, is what permeates the whole Music Work Out system. Incredibly inspiring! 

Thomas Ulrik Larsen, singer, guitarist and composer. 

Thank you for a very inspiring Music Work Out course today  (21st.of January, 2017). 
I am very happy to have received so many good tools, thank to your products which is a great help in finding new ways to teach my students music theory and aural training. 
The wonderful thing is that the materials of Music Work out can easily be used in both solo- and team teaching, and to me, it means this “little extra” I keep up my sleeve, when we are supposed to dig deeper in music theory – but at the same time are having fun. 
The Music Work Out boxes have become a new tool in my schedule, when I meet students where ever they are in their development. The materials are so extensive that it gives a lot of challenges for the beginner as well as to the more experienced student. It has so many possibilities of combining the different groups of cards also with regard to difficulty levels. 
The cherry on the top of your course was probably when we met some of your students afterwards who gave us examples of how you use the materials together. 
Music Work Out is very easy to understand and use, but with your instructions the mateirals got a higher dimension and I will therefore warmly recommend your Music Work Out courses. 

Warm regards
Cecilia Bäckström Heinel, Clarinet teacher at music schools. 

Thank you for a super great course today with introduction of Music Work Out materials. It was a great pleasure to see how the students use them in reality.  I look so much forward to using Music Work Out with my own students.
Thank you – and see you again. 

Kati Arikoski,  pianist and piano teacher.  

10 piano teachers form different music schools in western Jutland attended a great course with Anette Præst Nielsen on the 6th. of January, 2017 at Herning Music school and here they were introduced to the Music Work Out materials and the concept. 
Aural training and music theory in a fun and educational way – easy to use!!! 
The materials are super simple, well conceived and wonderful to use in praxis. The quality of the materials is just exquisite and the contents of the box are well organized. There are possibilities for a million games and challenges and the difficulty can be varied infinitely. 
2 small beginner students at 7 years old joined the course as test-students….. THEY LOVED IT! 

Bodil Brændgaard (and 9 others) pianists and piano teachers. 

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